Safety Training Center

  Our safety training center is established on the shores of Bosphorus at the location of Selviburnu – Beykoz and in this center is given safety training courses according to the latest IMO standards. This center is used basically for our students as well as outside sailors and the sea personnel (ships crew) of Shipping companies on demand and given below written trainings on realistic environment and conditions: 
  1. Fire fighting on board ships (basic and advanced)
    • Fire fighting at open and enclosed spaces
    • Using of EEBD equipment
    • Donning and using Fireman's Dress and equipment
    • Using Breathing Apparatus in smoky environment
    • Using of various portable fire fighting equipment
    • Use of fire hoses and nozzles
    • Generating and using of foam from seawater
    • Sprinkler System
    • Saving people from enclosed spaces
  2. Personal Survival at sea
    • Using Immersion Suit at sea
  3. Survival craft
    • Training for abandoning ship by life boat
    • Lowering life boat and using life boat at sea
    • Learning about life rafts and their use
    • Learning and recognizing of life saving equipment which are carried at lifeboats and life rafts
  4. Training for fast rescue boat
    • Lowering to sea
    • Handling rescue boat at sea
    • Recovering people from sea with fast rescue boat
  5. Basic first aid training
  6. Recognizing and learning use of;
    • Line throwing appliance
    • Man over board
    • SART
    • Life buoys
    • Pyrotechnics(hand flares, parachute rockets, smoke signals)
    • Life jackets

Photos about safety training center;

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